Conspiracy Against Justice

Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) Youth condemns the deceitful and malicious manner in which the police and the government have attempted to justify the arrests of seven opposition and reformist leaders.

From the outset, it is very plain that the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA)violates the established principle that every accused person has the right to be heard in a fair and public tribunal.

The preposterous allegations by the police against the reform activists do not justify the use of the ISA. If the police has information about the attempted use of force by reform activists, as claimed by the Inspector General of Police Norian Mai, then all those involved should be charged according to the criminal laws of the country. The use of the ISA only goes to prove that the allegations are fabricated and unfounded.

Further, Dr. Mahathir's feeble attempt to justify the arrests on the expediency of using the ISA reveals the government's contempt for the principle that every accused has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Instead of presuming the guilt of the seven detained activists the police should be acting on clear evidence. Again, Dr. Mahathir's asinine comments on the inconvenience of producing evidence clearly shows that there is none. The so-called "preventive measure" is actually an arbitrary use of force to silence legitimate criticism of the government.

In arresting the seven and attempting to justify their actions the police and government have blatantly violated universally recognised principles of justice. Denial of these principles is a denial of justice. Thus, it seems that the police and the government have conspired to undermine the administration of justice in this country.

PRM Youth calls upon all Malaysians to denounce the actions of the police force and demand for the immediate release of the seven detainees. Further,in light of this drastic situation, we also call upon all Malaysians to demand the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister. A man who cannot even grasp such basic principles of justice is not fit to govern a country.

Jonson Chong PRM Youth Central Committee Member (012-296 1276)

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