In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate and Merciful


Assalaamuíalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and salam hormat.

Recently, we were rudely awakened from our political slumber to witness, to our utter horror, revelations upon revelations of political corruption of the highest degree which permeates every sector of society and every aspect of life. We were aghast at the contemptible actions of the government in power - itís total disregard for human decency; itís bankrupt morality; itís penchant for mercilessly raping the nationís economy; ití immoral use of everything it can lay itís hands on to protect the interests of a select few; and worst of all, with sheer arrogance, imploring on all Malaysians to be thankful to it for what is essentially Godís bounties.

As concerned Malaysians, the true patriots, we were therefore exhilarated by the real prospects of voting into power an alternative government in the forthcoming general elections. We were proud of the fact that PAS instantaneously and openly gave itís support to Saudara Anwarís cause, notwithstanding how Saudara Anwar had belittled and openly insulted PAS in the previous elections, applied grave financial pressure on the Kelantan State Government in his capacity as Minister of Finance in Mahathirís Government and even referred to PAS leaders as "jumud". Yet, in the true Islamic tradition of defending the downtrodden and demonstrating the beauty of forgiveness in Islam, the leaders in PAS felt compelled to assist Saudara Anwar in his fight against Injustice; for Islam does not tolerate injustice in any form, to any individual or community and at any level of social strata. We were given much hope when Gerak was mooted and launched. As a Muslim and a Malaysian, I was especially proud that for once, Malaysians from all walks of life, from all races, from all forms of religious persuasions, are able to set their differences aside and come together to formulate a more important and urgent common understanding with regards to what needs to be done to save the country from the suffocating and debilitating grip of a corrupt and autocratic dictator. As Malaysians, we saw a real hope for a better future. We joined the movement, through PAS, PRM, DAP, Adil etc. etc. with great gusto and enthusiasm. We cheered and supported each otherís efforts and we encouraged others to join hands as true Malaysians to support this almost holy cause against the almost unholy Barisan Nasional.

Yes, there was a great hope then. But that was then. Now, with the general elections ever closer, this bright ray of hope has started to lose itís once compelling allure. It is indeed sad that this rare opportunity that is before us today will fizzle away right before our eyes; just like the proverbial morning mist evaporating with the first light of dawn. Why ?

Why indeed must we jeopardize our real hope of overthrowing the immoral Barisan Nasional by creating dissension amongst us ? Why do we allow selfish sectarian interests to rock the foundations of our earlier resolve ?

The setting up of Parti KeADILan Nasional, while outwardly noble, has created such serious concerns that it has now the dubious distinction of being regarded as the nemesis to its own cause as well as the Achilles heel to the entire Gerak movement. Why do I say this?

I wish, in the name of Allah, the Almighty and the Most Compassionate, that I am wrong in perceiving the situation as above and I call upon all Malaysians, from all walks of life, from all manner of religious persuasions to ponder and reflect yet again on all the events that have unfolded before us and DEMAND that ALL political parties through which we wish to channel our respective efforts, to sit down together with mutual respect and develop a WINNING FORMULA in the next general elections by giving due recognition to each partyís strength in each area to be contested. Let us not allow narrow sectarian interests or the personal ambitions of a few or the political manipulations of certain groups to deny or rob us of a fair chance for victory.

It is indeed amazing that DAP, PRM and PAS have not reacted with bitterness and rancor to the shenanigans played out by the over zealous PKN supporters. It speaks volumes for their political maturity. And perhaps, just like us ordinary Malaysians, the leadership of PAS, PRM and DAP are still holding out, hoping upon hope, that sanity will eventually prevail and some cooperation might still be eked out to save this nation.


Wabillahi Taufiq Walhidayah,

Wassalaamuíalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh