Media Statement Day of mourning International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) 17th April 2001

The International Islamic University of Malaysia has opened its door to students of Malaysia as well as other countries around the globe since 1983. The will power of one man made the establishment of this university into reality. His interest in Islamizing the way of thinking of the people found a definite place in the education system - through the existence of an institution as a place for seeking knowledge.

Historically speaking, the idea of the establishment of IIUM arose in the Congress of Malaya Islamic University which was organized by The National Organization of Islamic Students of Malaysia (PKPIM) in 1971. The then President of PKPIM was Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This resolution urged the authority to upgrade the Islamic Malayan College.

The interests in one man's heart increase as the years go by. Day after day he fought for the betterment of the Muslim ummah. Then, in 1988, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim became the second President of IIUM - carrying his responsibilities as a father to thousands of students of IIUM. He is loved and cherished by all. Therefore, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is the right man to be honored as the founder of IIUM. During his time as the President of IIUM, he did not desire a red carpet office in the university but his door was always opened for any complaints from the students, unlike the present President - who actually owns a big office in the administration building, but the door is always closed for any student who asks for help.

But on 17th April 2001 - The Prime Minister - is recognized as the founder of IIUM. A myth or reality? It is indeed a myth. For more than 10 years, IIUM has become one of world most prestigious universities - this accomplishment and recognition has been fought by many but not Mahathir. The students as well as the staffs do not love him. Obviously there is a political agenda behind the appointment of Mahathir as the founder of IIUM. Is he himself trying to seek sympathy from the students? He has failed not today but long time ago. His smile could never cure the pain he has brought to the students. He is a man without a heart. The obvious evidence of his cruelty can be found in many of his statements toward Islam in general and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in particular.

These are a few of his harsh statements regarding Islam:

"I want to know of those among the Pas members who is willing to cut man's hands if Hudud is implemented in Kelantan. Perhaps Nik Aziz is willing to do it. If it is done; I want to see what will happen after the implementation."

(14 July, 1992 - speaking to a local journalist)

" Stoning to death to adulterer is primitive." ( Pusat Bahasa Arab Nilam Puri, Kelantan)

"Who has seen the beard of Muhammad? During his time, there was no Gillete, that is why he did not shave."

(his speech as the chairman of Majlis Tertinggi while discussing the impeachment of Mufti Selangor and the danger of Shiism.)

These statements and many more portray the evil - hearted Mahathir. These are not the speech by a founder of IIUM. The allegations of corruption, cronyism, nepotism and the manner on how he handled the case of our longest service president of this university make him totally an unacceptable even to be appointed as the assistant lecturer of this university. It is rather a shameful and sinful act in the eyes of the Muslim ummah to acknowledge this kind of personality as the founder of Islamic University. Thus, I strongly urged that the university authority including the present President, The Rector and both Deputy Rectors to resign immediately. These people are not fit and qualified to lead such a noble, Islamic university - The Garden of Virtue and Knowledge. Your crime is indeed unpardonable.

Things happen by choice and not by chance. You can make the choice of not recognizing him as the founder of IIUM. History proves that he is not. And he will never be. It is a humiliation for the former students as well as the present ones to witness Mahathir officiates the opening ceremony of IIUM. Do not make it a reality. Let him and his so - called followers having fun tomorrow - but do not let you be humiliated by attending the ceremony. It is not worth a fight.

In the name of justice - I called upon my colleagues - the former students of IIUM to boycott the recognition of Mahathir as the founder of IIUM - boycott the ceremony. Those who recognized him - recognized the injustice administration - the oppressive and the repressive government. Men lie but not history. Do not cheat your good heart by recognizing Mahathir as the founder of IIUM.

As Mawdudi says; "A train will move in the direction the driver intends it to go. The passengers are in his hands. They will have to go in whatever direction the train goes. If they want to go in some other directions, they will have to change either the train or the driver."

Let us now change the driver. Wake up! Dreams will not come true without hope and reality. Today is the day to fight for justice. The truth shall prevail. Let us start the journey towards justice today and shall never quit.

For and on behalf all the students of International Islamic University Malaysia

President Students Representative Council of International Islamic University Malaysia Session 1996/1997

C.c. : Secretary General OIC
World Muslim League
Rabitah Alam Al-Islami
World Counsel of Mosque
World Assembly of Muslim Youth
Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu
Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan