SUARAM ISA WATCH for Year 2000

17th October 2000

In conjunction with 40th Anniversary of Internal Security Act & 13th Anniversary of Operasi Lalang

the 665 persons for the periods of  1990-1998 are estimation derived from several sources 

Some Prominent ISA arrests for year of 2000


 March 2000

3 men were detained under ISA for alleged arms dealing in Sarawak.

September 2000


3 Achehnese, previously detained to help police in a murder case were later transferred to ISA detention after being detained wihout trial for  2 months.

6th Jul – 13th Aug 2000

Al-Ma'unah group crack down by government using ISA following the alleged Sauk arm heist incident.  65 persons were arrested under ISA.

13th Oct 2000

3 Shia’ followers were detained under ISA. Exact reasons still unknown.


The figure of 45 persons detained in the Kamunting at the moment is based on the sources that there are 23 Al-Ma'unah followers currently detained there which still in the process of verification.