Pendirian Majalah Al Mujtama' dari Kuwait yang memberi sokongan kepda rakyat Malaysia dan kepada Anwar Ibrahim. AlMujtama' adalah satu dari majallah utama yang mempunyai pengaruh yang meluas di Timur Tengah.

This article was published in “Al Mujtam’a” magazine issue #1445 for the week of 7-13th April

To Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Anwar Ibrahim, Ex Deputy Prime Minister, has been sleeping in a public hospital in KL since Nov. 25, 2000 after suffering a severe back injury. Ibrahim claims public officials tortured him after arresting him in 1998. The Malaysian government allowed a German Physician to see Ibrahim after it came under strong public pressure. The medical decision was that Ibrahim needed an immediate back surgery (within 4-6 weeks) or he might become paralyzed. The medical report also confirmed that the hospital in which Ibrahim lies lacks the equipment necessary to perform the operation. Despite that, Abdullah Ahmed Badawi, Deputy Prime Minister, stated that the Government has decided that Ibrahim is not allowed to leave the country. This situation requires a direct intervention by Mahathir to allow for an immediate operation for Ibrahim, which is to be executed in a healthy medical environment ensuring its success. We remind Mahathir that Ibrahim was a companion for a very long time and that leaving him without treatment means allowing for his slow death. WE BELIEVE THAT Ibrahim has suffered enough in jail for a crime he did not commit. The Malaysian people and everyone who has known Ibrahim are sure that he would not commit such a shameful crime. We believe , Mr Mahathir, that your intervention in this matter shall ease some of his physical and emotional wounds. Therefore, we join together with the Malaysian people and call for allowing him to receive the necessary treatment abroad and dismissing all false rulings against Ibrahim.


Dr. Abdul Rahim Ghouse Representative FAC