I refer to the statement by Kuala Lumpur chief police officer Kamaruddin Ali as reported in Malaysiakini on August 8, 2000. From my experience, there's no use lodging a police report on police brutality as I have personally made three police reports at the Dang Wangi Police Station (Malaysikini can check the report no.s 27352/98, 27362/98 and 27413/98) but nothing was done. After nearly a year, I went to see the then Investigating Officer, Inspector Zulkarnain (whose office was located opposite the stadium)who verbally told me that action has been taken against the police officers. I requested to know the details but he told me that the files were not with him. I requested that he contact me should he locate the files, but until today, nearly two years after the police brutality against my two brothers, there's no news from him. For your information, one of my brothers got a black eye like the one Anwar Ibrahim got through similar means and the other was beaten until near unconsciousness with dozens of scars due to highly excessive force from cane sticks. The scars can still be seen long after he was released from remand.

Based on information I collected from witnesses, my brothers were among scores of innocent men, women and children (i.e. one below 18 years old if I'm not mistaken) who were beaten mercilessly by the police force during the night of October 24, 1998. Many of those beaten up and later charged with illegal assembly, were actually only having dinner with family and friends while some were restaurant operators themselves.

Except for a tiny minority, I have no faith in the police anymore unless and until I see drastic changes in the force. Some of the family members of the innocent victims of police brutality in the above case have grown to hate the police. This is not good for the image of the police and they must buck up before it is too late. I hope this letter will prompt the KLCPO to act on my reports. I am still willing to assist him in his investigation provided that it is going to be done without fear or favour. Details of my contact are in the above police reports. He may also contact me at azmanwong@hotmail.com.

Azman Ismail