This is what Samy Vellu said in Lunas after the defeat of BN candidate. In Lunas…. inciting anti-Christianity " Saifuddin had inflicted irreparable damage in Lunas, creating racial disharmony and inciting anti-Christianity among the Muslims, and therefore towards Anthonysamy who is a Christian"

In Sg. Siput… Samy said Dr. Jeyakumar is not a Hindu and he is a Christian. His real name is Michael Jeyakumar. On many occasions, Samy called Dr. Kumar by the name Michael to indicate that he is a Christian.

In Lunas…thugs Samy said, " these thugs shouted at the people (BN workers and supporters), threw stones at buses and used sticks to chase away(our people). What kind of culture is this? What sort of people are they?

In Sg. Siput…. On General Election day, Samy Vellu himself got out of his car where PSM was manning an observation post to monitar phantom voters. Samy shouted at PSM supporters, he acted like a thug and even challenged for a fight. Later his thugs broke and stole video cameras by observers who were filming the influx of phantom voters from outside.

A week later, his right hand man and other thugs trespassed the PSM service centre, shouted vulgar words (worst that the word "pariah").

During the recent SPR public inquiry, his thugs appeared again. PSM supporters have lodged many police report on this. We have furnished the police with photographs of the thugs.

We have lodged report at Bukit Aman as well as the State Police Headquarters. The police said they can't investigate Samy Vellu because they must wait for the OTI (Order to investigate) from the AG before they record statements. What kind of culture is this? Samy questions? We are very sure that Samy knows what kind of culture is this and where it originated!

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