Zainuddin Maidin is now a “defendant”, unless he apologises

The Star newspaper  (January 15, 2001) has done great disservice to “senior journalist” Senator Datuk Zainuddin Maidin by publishing his comments on my alleged “offensive” statement on the Chinese community.

Now he has to be included in the already star-studded list of possible defendants for my possible legal action – unless he can produce proof that I have uttered or written such statements.

I have  known Zainuddin both personally and professionally for a long time now. It is my considered opinion that he cannot possibly know what a sociologist does or even know the meaning of the word “sociology”
itself. Therefore, it is not within his capability to evaluate my “stature” as a sociologist. The notion “Nusantara cocoon” that he used to describe my “way of thinking” must be a pigment of his own
sociologically uninformed imagination.

Rustam A. Sani
Vice President
Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM).

January 15, 2001