Dipetik dari ADIL-NET


The Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMAS) is
organising a major conference entitled "Malaysia in
the New Millenium" on Oct. 7, 2000 at Lady Mitchell
Hall, Cambridge University. The conference keynote
speaker is Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of

At this conference, CUMAS says Malaysian students will
have the chance to meet and dialogue with Dr. Mahathir
Mohamad and his economic advisors presumably to
enhance student understanding of the challenges facing
Malaysia at this stage of out history.

But most observers of Mahahtir's human rights records
will know that Dr.Mahathir does not intend having a
genuine dialogue. Dr. Mahathir does not listen to
anyone. He is convinced that he knows best. He has
never been open about discussing government abuse of
power over the past two years. He has never been open
about discussing corruption within the judicial
system. He has never accepted criticism of his
children and his cronies who are bleeding Malaysia's
economy and future dry. He has never accepted
criticism of the brutal torture, and violation of
human rights by the Malaysian police. He will never
accept criticism for extensive corruption in the

No, there will be no dialogue in Cambridge. He will
give a lecture of lies, lies and more lies telling us
that he knows best.

In these past two years, Dr. Mahathir has done severe
damage to Malaysia. Democracy is all but dead. Dr.
Mahathir has abused and undermined the judicial
system. He forced our once respected judges to
hold kangaroo courts to unjustly prosecute Anwar
Ibrahim in sham trials. Many judges are corrupt (the
best money can buy!) and we cannot be assured of
getting a fair trial anymore, not even in business
disputes in a civil court. Dr. Mahathir has acted
vindictively against the political opposition who
collectively command 45% support from the electorate.
He has inflamed ethnic tensions.

I am urging all those who love truth, justice abd
freedom to not go to this CUMAS Conference to listen
to Mahahtir's lies. If past practice is any guide,
what we can be sure to hear at this CUMAS conference
is Dr. Mahathir using the conference event as a forum

a. spread fear in students' minds about racial tension
and ethnic violence in Malaysia;
b. spread his lies about Anwar Ibrahim;
c. defend the sick and unjust decisions of the
judiciary in Malaysia;
d. support human rights abuses by the police;
e. defend corruption in Malaysia; and
f. justify public bailouts of insolvent businesses
linked to his children and his crony friends.

Malaysians in the UK can send a loud message to Dr.
Mahathir to stop. Malaysians have had enough
dictatorial rule, enough lies, enough racial fear and
ethnic hatred, enough bailouts and enough injustice.

He will be saying nothing new - you have read it a
thousand times before in the emasculated Malaysian
media. And nothing he says will change the sad state
of affairs in our great, beautiful country.

But YOU can make a change, YOU can make a difference -
by doing absolutely nothing on October 7th.

Boycott the CUMAS Conference, Boycott Mahahtir.