Open letter to MCA

The Editor,

Parti Rakyat Malaysia has followed closely the attacking statements made by MCA and MCA Youth on the Vice President of PRM, Rustam Sani , over an article on the agreement reached between Suqiu and the UMNO youth carried in Malaysiakini and Berita KeAdilan in the Chinese newspapers and Rustam has answered those allegations.

While we respect the rights of MCA to mobilize attacks on Rustam if he does not apologize, we hope that in turn MCA will also respect our rights to do the same against MCA until she apologizes for distorting Rustamís statement.

We are ready to answer such MCA and her Youth wing attacking statements, and to debate with MCA and MCA Youth on issues regarding the interests of the Malaysian Chinese in the newspapers.

We hope that MCA and her Youth Wing will not shy away from the challenge.

Our aim is to allow the people to have an opportunity to read for themselves clearly the views, analyses , and solutions to problems besetting the country, as held by both parties, so that the people can judge for themselves who is wrong and who is right.

We too hope that MCA and MCA Youth will not use her position of a ruling party to prevent newspapers from carrying the views and analyses made by both parties.

Finally, we hope that you would kindly carry this statement in full so that MCA and MCA Youth read the invitation to debate matters touching on the interests of the Chinese community, on who should apologize to the Chinese community, PRM or MCA , and other pressing problems that have arisen in our country.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Koh Swe Yong.

Treasurer, Parti Rakyat Malaysia.