SUNDAY 2:30-5:00 PM


Markas keADILan Jalan Kebun, Shah Alam


The Gathering of 100,000 Citizens organised by the 100,000 Citizens Gathering Select Committee will be held on the 5th November 2000, Sunday from 2.30 to 5 pm.

This gathering is being held as a continuing show of the people’s aspiration to assemble peacefully after the authorities denial of their rights to gather at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the Reformasi Month last September.

All top leaders of the Alternative Front comprising of the President of PAS, YB Dato’ Hj. Fadzil Mohd Noor, the President of keADILan, YB Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the National Chairman of the DAP, En. Lim Kit Siang and the President of PRM, Dr. Syed Husin Ali have confirmed their attendance to present the main speech during this gathering.

This gathering will also be a platform to introduce the leaders of various NGOs, reformists, artists, ex-ISA detainees and other detainees (OKT) who are still firm in their resolve to carry out the struggle to recover the people’s right and to struggle for political and economic reform in this country.

Others who have been especially invited for the assembly are the leadership of the Kelantan and Terengganu State governments, members of Parliament, members of the State Assemblies, commissioners, heads of Information Bureaus, heads and chairman of all Alternative Front component parties at the State, Division/Area and branch levels.

The Gathering of 100,000 Citizens with the motto of “Return the People’s Rights” is aiming at consolidating unity at all levels of society in demand of their rights which is increasingly being eroded under the National Front leadership of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

The organisers have also made a special invitation to SUHAKAM. SUHAKAM have confirmed receiving the invitation and informed that they will be convening a meeting to discuss the invitation. The organisers will be informed of SUHAKAM’s decision after 2 pm today, the 2nd of November.

The Gathering of 100,000 Citizens will be held on a 3-acre plot of land that is privately owned. The land is currently used as the Shah Alam Division’s headquarters of the Parti KeADILan Nasional. Prior to this many political speeches have been organised here and have received good support and co-operation from supporters. The police have been in attendance to control traffic. Until now, no unfavourable reports have been received from the police.

This gathering is being held at this location after attempts to rent the Bukit Jalil National Stadium were rejected twice. The organisers also tried to rent the Merdeka Stadium but failed. The application to rent the Shah Alam Stadium is, until now, still pending and the organisers have not received an answer from the stadium’s management.

In consideration of the Gathering of 100,000 Citizens being a people’s gathering, therefore all representatives of the people have been invited especially the members of Parliament without distinction of their political   affiliations, to attend this gathering. On this basis, the organisers have made written invitations to all members of Parliament requesting their attendance.

Apart from the main speech from the four main leaders of the Alternative Front, the other highlights of the gathering will be the release of balloons with the words “Merdekakan Rakyat” (Free the People), the launch of a giant placard with the words “Bebaskan Anwar” (Free Anwar), a campaign to collect the people’s signature on a banner 1 kilometre long, the launch of a special “Assembly of 100,000 Citizens” campaign and a reading of the “People’s Declaration”.

In line with the people’s aspiration, the organising committee named as the Gathering of 100,000 Citizens Select Committee was formed and comprised of the various activists of the political parties such as PAS, keADILan, DAP, PRM, various NGOs such as JIM, SUARAM and ABIM as well as various reformists and artists. To consolidate the people’s solidarity, 100,000 copies of the “Joint Statement of Declaration of the Restoration of the Rights of the People” have been printed, distributed and read throughout prior to the gathering.

The Gathering of 100,000 Citizens will end with the reading of the people’s declaration with a theme of “Return the People’s Rights” by all citizens in attendance and led by Ezam Mohd. Noor.

Yours faithfully,


Hj. Saari Hj. Sungib,


Gathering of 100,000 Citizens Select Committee

Committee Members:

Dr. Hatta Ramli (PAS), Tian Chua (keADILan), Faizal Sanusi (PRM), Dr. Wong Ang Peng (DAP), Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman (PAS), Raja Petra Kamaruddin (FAC), Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (JIM), Cynthia Gabriel (SUARAM), Abdul Malek Hussin (Reformis), Khaliah Shaik Mohamad (Reformis) dan wakil ABIM.

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