Benarkah Mahathir Mohamad telah menggunakan salah satu team Freemason nya untuk mengagalkan Mesyuarat Majlis Peguam?

Mereka-mereka yang terlibat untuk mengagalkan Mesyuarat Majlis Peguam terdiri daripada Ketua Hakim Negara Eusoff Chin, Peguam Negara Mokhtar Abdullah, Hakim Augustine Paul, Malik Ishak, Edegar Joseph Jr, peguam peguam Raja Segaran dan D.P Vijindran. BEGITULAH APABILA MEREKA BEGITU RAKUS MENYALAHGUNAKAN KUASA, MAKA AKHIRNYA SI RAKUS TERUS BERKUASA. Ikuti lapuran terperinci berikut.




Prior to the application being made by Raja Segaran who was known to Justice Ausgustine Paul had met Augustine on a few occasions in his Chambers. Augustine convinced Raja that he should take up the  suit against the Bar Council for the purpose of obtaining an injunction to restrain the Bar Council from discussing issues relating to the judiciary. Augustine informed Raja he was making the request on behest of Eusoff Chin and with the support of Mohtar Abdullah. Raja told Augustine that he is prepared to take any action against Raja pertaining to a police report lodged against him. Augustine told him that he would take care of this.

Having agreed to the request, Ausgustine instructed Raja to prepare the case papers for the suit and application. Raja submitted the draft statement of claim, summons in chambers and affidavit for Ausgustine perusal. A number of amendments ware made by Ausgustine on at least 5 different occasions before the final draft was ready. On the last 2 occasions, Justice R.K Nathan and Malik Ishak ware also present at Augustine house with Raja. The 2 judges perused the draft papers. Augustine informed those present that he had referred the draft to Tan Sri Edgar Joseph Jr who had provided useful inputs.

There was one other matter raised by Augustine. He told Raja that it would be a good idea if Raja in his application did not pray for costs as to show that Raja was not after the  money. However, finally it was decided that the prayer for cost should be included. Augustine asked Raja what figure does he have in mind. Raja suggested RM700,000 for getting up. Augustine simply told Raja “we will give you RM500,000”.

When the fair copies were ready, Raja was instructed by Augustine to file papers at the court registry at a particular time and that a particular court officer would be present to receive the papers at the registry. The filing of  papers went according to plan.

After the suit and application were filed, discussion took place between Raja and Augustine indicated that he had no objections and requested Raja to speak to Vijandran.

Raja duly spoke to Vijandran and Vijandran informed Raja that he would do anything to teach the Bar Council a lesson for what the council had done to him regarding his practicing certificate. However, Vijandran informed Raja that he wanted a favour as consideration for acting as counsel without being paid. Vijandran wanted his defamation case against Karpal Singh tried expeditiously and disposed in his favour. This was communicated by Raja to Ausgustine. A day later, Ausgustine informed Raja that Vijandran’s two conditions will be met.

After the hearing date for Raja’s application had been fixed, a meeting was held at Ausgustine’s house attended by Nathan, Malik Ishak, Augustine and Raja. At the meeting Nathan asked what should he do if the Bar Council applied for him to disqualify himself from hearing the application. Augustine suggested that to give an impression that the court was being fair, Nathan should allow such an application and Malik Ishak will take over. According to Augustine, no one would suspect Malik Ishak as being Eusoff Chin’s man and there would be no controversy.

Raja’s authorities for the application were supplid by Augustine and Raja duly prepared the bundle.