Autocratic MIC Presudent Samy Vellu failed to stem the tide of Indians turning to the Barisan Alternative in Lunas. The unexpected change in the Indian voters as attested by 35% support to BA was a heavy blow to MIC and its " life time" President.

The Indians , especially the plantation and factory workers, who were tactfully kept in the dark by the MIC media , particularly the Tamil Newspapers such as Malaysia Nanban dan Tamil Nesan, came out from darkness and deserted MIC.These brave Indians , were enlightened by the information that was provided to them during the campaign period, which included the infamous Telecom Sahres rip off, where Samy Vellu with his henchmen Sothinathan , scooted of TM 60 million .

Notable among the information that was given to the Indians was the Anwar Saga, how Mahathir cheated the Malaysians with his lies and propaganda. MIC as a crony based racist party was also highlighted, with Samy Vellu being a political slave to Mahathir, who has already been rejected by the Malays. The new generation of Indians who could read Malay, got more truth from Harakah, and they shared it with their elders, paving the way for change.

IPF another BN supporting Indian caste based party were mere puppets dancing to the tune of Mahathir, without a good leader, unable to define its vision, IPF a primitive caste baste based party did not attract the young Indians who have become tired, bored and fed up with MIC and IPF. PPP another Indian party seems to go nowhere, no ideals, no charismatic leadership, no vision also succumbed to Mahathirian black mail politics,. Young Indians finally realised that only a multiracial party will bring the Indians into the mainstream of national politics, Keadilan was thier choice.


Keadilan is built on the progressive concept of civil society, based on justice and fairness, a philosophy promoted and upheld by Anwar Ibrahim as affirmed in his book the "Asian Rennaissance" . Indins see in Keadilan a new arena opened for direct interaction with all races, transcending the narrow confines of racial prejudices .


Today, Lunas bye election has set the pace for the transformation of the Malaysian Indian mindset, to extricate itself out the paradygm of MIC BN racial politics, into a new dimension of human unity. 


The beauty of diversity has been realised in Keadilan, the future is visualised and the path has been created for the diverse races in Malaysia to unite under the power of truth, where the ugly symptoms of racissm is once and for all removed .


We urge all Malaysian Indians to choose human unity, and abandon racist parties such as MIC, PPP and IPF to build a new Malaysia based on justice and fairness.


We are sure the Indians can do this for the future of the Malaysian people.

Dr A. Krishnan
Kuala Lumpur.