Corruption and abuse of power are flagrantly practised in our country. This spells the beginning of the end of our society. It can affect you and me – no one is safe unless one is prepared to spend millions and millions of ringgit to win their cases in our courts.


First we have Ayer Molek case. Then, we have read all the allegations contained in the poison pen letter written by the High Court judge ( Justice Syed Aidi ). It now appears what he has written in his letter are true. That is our Government dared not charged him. There are Vincent Tan’s cases, MBF Holding’s cases and VK Lingham’s cases against Skrine & Co and Param Kumaramsamy. There are other unreported cases. All these cases involved payment of millions of ringgit. Somebody is already very rich !!!


            Now you have Tan Sri Muhiyddin Yasin’s and Syed Mokhtar’s case. This is terrible although it only involved 10 million ringgit in payment to win the case. How can a young lawyer who was only a few years’ experience wins this case against Tan Sri Muhiyddin Yasin ? Is there something more than that ? Could there be other people involved. If the rumour is true, Tan Sri Muhiyddin Yasin and Syed Mokhtar are definitely going to lose the case.


            Mohd Fozi is a partner of  Toh Puan Rosaini Mustaffa who is the third wife of the Chief Justice, Tun Eusoff Chin.

It would be very shocking and frightening if people come to know the real story of this Muhiyddin’s case. An official inquiry or investigations would do immense benefit to the country. Otherwise people would lose faith in our courts. Many people will come forward and give evidence if there is an official inquiry. The government cannot afford to hide this scandal, this corruption and abuse of power much longer.

Where there is no justice in the courts the whole fabric of our society is completely destroyed by those people who are corrupt and who are prepared to abuse their powers.


            The talk in town is that if you want to win the cases you must do two thing. You must pay large sums of money as corruption and engage the 3 well-connected lawyers !! Dato’ VK Lingam, Dato’ Siva and Mohamed Fozi are the three lawyers.

What a society !! May Allah bless this country by getting rid of these people.