The refusal of the Chinese community in Lunas to receive Mahathir on the 28th of November 2000 in Lunas marks the beginning of the end of a regime that has deceptively ruled Malaysians by its "divide and rule" colonial doctrine.
    With the Chinese truning against Mahathir and BN as depicted in Lunas, the second largest community in Malaysia have been enlightened and alert as to the evil feudalistic crony capitalism that BN has been espousing all these 43 years .The havoc that once was hidden behind the veils of UMNOBN's subtle propaganda has been laid bare to the multitudes of people who finally knew how UMNO ,MCA and MIC have been ripping the nations wealth discreetly , enriching feudal barons using the crony system, witholding vital information from the lay public about their corruption and plundering of public wealth.
    Today , only the poor estate and ordinary Indians are still left in the dark, the message has not yet reached them that UMNO has lost the Malay  and now the Chinese support. The Chinese small businessmen have realised that corrupt crony politics will never help the economy to recover, and after two yeras of empty promises by Mahathir the economy is still stagnant, as attested by the sluggish KLSE index which , despite BN's pumping of billions from EPF fund still it will not grow.
    The Indians are the last to change, this is because they have been isolated from information and news , especially the plantation and ordinary workers, they have been kept politcally blind by MIC which fears that once the Indians know the truth about the atrocities and corruption of the MIC BN they will rise up and reject them. This is beginning to happen as seen in Lunas. Significant number of Indians have turned over from MIC to Keadilan, as the political landscape changes , the Indians will follow like herds into the Alternative.
    THe UMNOBN is now in a state of desperation, just like the dying convulsions , UMNOBN, out of fright resorts to whatever they can to survive but alas!! it is too late, the damage has been done, Mahathir has lent the lethal blow to UMNO BN, its salvation is beyond reach, its collapse is imminent and its ultimate elimination from mainstream politics is at hand.
    Win or lose in Lunas, the people now know UMNOBN has no popular support as demonstrated in Lunas by the rising support for BA by the people. BN is out of its prime time, its energy has been sapped by its astronomical corruption, its credibility has been destroyed by no contest culture for the last 13 years. UMNO has been afflicted by one man show, dictatorship and cruelty.It has no hope and no future.
    Malaysia is fast changing, its politics has evolved and BA is expected to lead the nation in the near future.To the Indians we say. WAKE UP ! and move into the new world of BA.
New Malaysian Indian.