Tomorrow [1st, August,2000. Time: 8:00PM. VENUE: Melia Hotel. No.16 Jalan
Imbi,55100, Kuala Lumpur.TL:03-242833] is going to be a big show down night
between the defuct ASENIA Resort Time sharing with 2000+ members and Datuk
Aziz Shiek Fadzil, the Deputy UMNO Youth Chief.

The Aseania Resort members laiaison commitee Honorary Secretary, Mr Tan Eng
Chye [Tel:03-7051608 (House)Email :]have contacted the
chinese newspaper about tomorrow night's meeting and he hoped these
reporters come. Harakah, DAP, keADILan, PRM, MIC, MCA, all NGO's  and  news
foreign reporters are also ivited. He hoped the NST, MM and BH should also
come to the meeting because it is for interest of all.

The issue:

The Deputy Youth Chief management company which was defuct wants to sell
members Resorts properties valued at RM50.00 million to his family controled
company Gold Bride Berhad. The 2000 members are not happy and they expect to
report the matters to the authorities. a lot of people are affected, from
executives, universities lectures, government servent, political members in
UMNO and opposition.

Let see how the show down takes place.