This year, two religious traditions coincide: CHRISTMAS and RAMADHAN.

As Christians remember the very humble circumstances of Christ's birth, and Muslims are humbled through the experience of fasting,


let us praise God Who is sovereign over all and pray to God Who is compassionate and cares for us all.

Through fasting and other religious acts, we express our earnest devotion to God and our complete dependence upon Him.

Remembering the blessings we have from God, at Christmas and Ramadhan, may Christians and Muslims give attention to the poor and the needy.

God forgive us, but there are still so many in our blessed country who live on so little. They desperately need help for basic amenities like water and electricity, medical care and education for their children. We must extend our help in their hour of need.

My thoughts are also on the Middle-East where the birth and life of Christ and also the Prophet Muhammad took place. For the past several months, on a daily basis, parents and siblings are burying their loved ones. Let us pray this will stop and there will be a just settlement so that the people can live in peace and the children will have a stable future.

Both Islam and Christianity share a strong tradition in prayer and fasting.

During this current Christmas and Ramadhan season, may we be drawn closer to the Almighty and may the world be nearer to the Christmas message of PEACE & GOODWILL TOWARD ALL HUMANITY!

Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
24 December 2000